Client Testimonials

Sujeewa Sumanasena

Rehan is the best supplier of AV solutions that I have come across. His knowledge on Audio Visual systems is par excellence. Also, as the owner of pair of floor standing Audissey speakers that he manufactured a while ago, I can vouch for the quality of his products and without doubt state that they are world class.

Project Director
Keith Fitzgerald

Rehan and his team installed two home theaters (including one complex, high-end projector-based system) and an outdoor speaker system at my house. I was very pleased with the quality of the work, the technical knowledge, and the efficient, personable service for all three jobs.

I recommend Rehan unequivocally.

Managing Director
Chrishantha Jayasinghe

A lot of people can set up a TV room for you with sophisticated and expensive equipment but only Rehan and his team have the knowledge and the passion as well as the commitment to make it a ‘Home Theatre’. Thanks to them watching a movie at home has become an experience which is equal to or better than a visit to the cinema.

Managing Director
Wasim Cader

I’m thankful that I got the opportunity of working with Rehan, a man with meticulous attention to detail, precision and skill. The sound system that he installed at our Oasis Lounge almost 12 years ago has been working flawlessly to date and it’s impressive how its quality allows a conversation to be heard even when the volume is at a high level.

He displays thorough knowledge on the subject which has instilled great confidence in us to keep going back to him for his services. He is hands down the best person to go to if you require carefully customized and personalized audio solutions!

General Manager
Rev. Fr. Chandana Perera

Working with Rehan and his team was a very pleasant experience. We were quite impressed with his attention to detail, meticulous planning to provide us with the best suited option and timely delivery.

Rev. Fr. Chandana Perera
Parish Priest
Roshan Wijeyaratne

I came to know Rehan when I was renovating my home. I was totally impressed with his knowledge and professionalism and hired his services to do the complete installation of my home theatre system in the music room and sound systems in the living room and two bed rooms.

I have never come across anyone in Sri Lanka who is a perfectionist as Rehan and his work is fantastic. He also did the installation of my outdoor speakers in the garden and did a fantastic job. I will not hesitate for a single moment to recommend Rehan to anyone and proud to have guys like him in Sri Lanka.

Founder Managing Director
Prasanna Hettiarachchi

I met Rehan when I obtained his services in designing and installing a home theatre system at my home. He proved to be very professional, meticulous and detailed in his approach to work. I valued his open and flexible attitude where he always explored avenues to accommodate my requirements as a client. His uncompromising commitment to quality was amazing; he completely reinstalled his system four times simply because he was not satisfied with the final sound quality even when I could not notice what the issue was!

Founder / Managing Director
Uwe and Nilmini

We came to know Rehan and his team in 2019 for setting up a CCTV security system after a robbery at a private home in Colombo. Though we live in the US, we were able to easily communicate with him to understand our options, and he expertly explained every technical detail we wanted. His knowledge and honesty about the products, their capabilities and limitations convinced us immediately about hiring him and his team. We could trust him completely and are very proud to know of such professionalism in Sri Lanka.

The installation was meticulously done with partner Achala and to an extremely high standard – having a woman on the team makes this company more special to us. Rehan was reliable, delivered exactly what he promised, and exceeded our expectations. After the product was installed, the team tested it thoroughly, even replacing equipment which Rehan felt was not quite up to standard. He took a lot of trouble to make sure we have full access remotely and this has helped us considerably as we live abroad. Especially during COVID times, with no way to travel to Sri Lanka, we rely on the system and very much appreciate having it. After installation, his professionalism has continued to this day.

Finally, this project also required design and installation of furnishing and housing for the equipment, which the team undertook with the same eye to detail and quality, but also constructed these to be aesthetically pleasing.

We would recommend him to anyone, anywhere in the world, who wishes to have work done to the highest standards.

Nilmini Silva and Uwe Send
Assistant Director, University of San Diego (Nilmini)
Professor, University of California, San Diego (Uwe)
Shanthikumar Sadanandan

Rehan is a consummate professional with a passion for perfection which includes a high degree of sensitivity to clients’ needs.

He was engaged to conceptualise, experiment, propose and commission an extensive audio system for the (Anglican) Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour in Colombo and he did an outstanding job. The Cathedral building is a very large expanse of concrete and a challenging environment for providing audio solutions.

After a great deal of experimentation with various loudspeaker options we eventually settled for 15 QSC K10 powered speakers of which 12 have now been installed. The balance three at the rear of the Cathedral will be installed later. The speakers are complemented by a Yamaha MG166CX analog mixer and Marani DPA 240A Speaker Processors.

After years of struggling with a low end ‘PA system’ the Cathedral was delighted with the outcome of the audio system proposed and integrated by Rehan of Audissey. He takes great pride in the work he does and even post installation he is very keen and willing to be engaged with tweaking the system to deliver optimal results which indeed it does.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rehan to anyone who requires this level of expertise and personalised service.

Former Group Director
Janak Melvani

I have known Rehan for the better part of 20 years, initially as a customer now more as a friend… his dedication towards work is very unique when compared to others especially in the same industry in Sri Lanka. What impressed me most was his honesty, technical knowledge / the way he communicates the message about products, transparency, attention to detail, the precision during installation and most importantly keeping to timelines.

Once about 7 years ago… I had to make a tough call for a home theater system… whether to go with a world renowned brand such as “BOSE” or to try something Rehan was building – a brand named Audissey! So I auditioned both options and was so impressed with Audissey customized speakers that I pushed him to design something for my residence… Happy to say the system has worked flawlessly, given me great pleasure and lasted all this while due to some excellent after sales support as well.

Even consulting him to purchase something is pretty straight! He will either say yes / no / alternatively you can try (give you good rundown with specific reasons)… again, very impressed!

I would recommend Rehan hands down to anyone…

Customer Support Specialist
Shirendra Lawrence

Have been working with Rehan for many years now – both at home and at work. His attention to detail, and his efforts to please are second to none. The quality of his equipment and service are great too…

Shem Darius

I first met Rehan in 2006, at a time when I was looking to purchase a dedicated home theatre system for my AV room as well as some good quality audio accessories. A friend of mine (who highly recommended his products) introduced me to him. I found him to be a very friendly, approachable person and someone easy to work with and whom I was able to discuss my requirements with. Apart from the excellent sound and build quality of the Audissey products (which I realised after auditioning several other popular brands) I was also very impressed and thoroughly satisfied with the quality and neatness of the installation work that was carried out and with minimal mess.

As a person who works with a good, professional approach and attitude and an eye (and an ear) for detail, I can recommend Rehan to anyone / anywhere. Wish we had more like him in the audio and hi-fi industry in Sri Lanka.

Communications Engineer
Dominic Sansoni

Rehan promises and delivers the goods. I trust him implicitly with repairs and servicing on my rather eccentric speaker system.

Also, he is the only person I know who was commissioned to provide a monkey-proof (seriously…) and weather-proof sound system for an artist friend who lives in a man-made forest. It worked beautifully!

Ruvini Kariyawasam

Your team was excellent and very professional. They reminded me of the A Team 🙂 Its always good to have a lady around with the team, as one feels more secure than a ‘male only’ team! I was really impressed with the role Achala played, she was so very professional!!! Thank you for the job well done. Wishing you success in your business.

Ruvini Kariyawasam
Business Development Manager
Namal Kamalgoda

We picked Rehan to install our CCTV system based on my previous dealings with him. I have found him to maintain a high standard of professionalism. I was not disappointed. His team maintained a high level of workmanship and the installation was completed on time with minimum hassle to those at home. The system is fantastic and the quality is very high. All hardware is of the highest quality and any teething problems were dealt with immediately. The system has been operational for a number of years and we have had no issues. We are absolutely satisfied with Rehan and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

He also recently took care of our Backup Power Solution for our Residence and full marks for that too!