Janak Melvani

I have known Rehan for the better part of 20 years, initially as a customer now more as a friend… his dedication towards work is very unique when compared to others especially in the same industry in Sri Lanka. What impressed me most was his honesty, technical knowledge / the way he communicates the message about products, transparency, attention to detail, the precision during installation and most importantly keeping to timelines.

Once about 7 years ago… I had to make a tough call for a home theater system… whether to go with a world renowned brand such as “BOSE” or to try something Rehan was building – a brand named Audissey! So I auditioned both options and was so impressed with Audissey customized speakers that I pushed him to design something for my residence… Happy to say the system has worked flawlessly, given me great pleasure and lasted all this while due to some excellent after sales support as well.

Even consulting him to purchase something is pretty straight! He will either say yes / no / alternatively you can try (give you good rundown with specific reasons)… again, very impressed!

I would recommend Rehan hands down to anyone…

Janak Melvani
Customer Support Specialist

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