Nilmini Silva and Uwe Send

We came to know Rehan and his team in 2019 for setting up a CCTV security system after a robbery at a private home in Colombo. Though we live in the US, we were able to easily communicate with him to understand our options, and he expertly explained every technical detail we wanted. His knowledge and honesty about the products, their capabilities and limitations convinced us immediately about hiring him and his team. We could trust him completely and are very proud to know of such professionalism in Sri Lanka.

The installation was meticulously done with partner Achala and to an extremely high standard – having a woman on the team makes this company more special to us. Rehan was reliable, delivered exactly what he promised, and exceeded our expectations. After the product was installed, the team tested it thoroughly, even replacing equipment which Rehan felt was not quite up to standard. He took a lot of trouble to make sure we have full access remotely and this has helped us considerably as we live abroad. Especially during COVID times, with no way to travel to Sri Lanka, we rely on the system and very much appreciate having it. After installation, his professionalism has continued to this day.

Finally, this project also required design and installation of furnishing and housing for the equipment, which the team undertook with the same eye to detail and quality, but also constructed these to be aesthetically pleasing.

We would recommend him to anyone, anywhere in the world, who wishes to have work done to the highest standards.

Nilmini Silva and Uwe Send
Assistant Director, University of San Diego (Nilmini)
Professor, University of California, San Diego (Uwe)

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