Shem Darius

I first met Rehan in 2006, at a time when I was looking to purchase a dedicated home theatre system for my AV room as well as some good quality audio accessories. A friend of mine (who highly recommended his products) introduced me to him. I found him to be a very friendly, approachable person and someone easy to work with and whom I was able to discuss my requirements with. Apart from the excellent sound and build quality of the Audissey products (which I realised after auditioning several other popular brands) I was also very impressed and thoroughly satisfied with the quality and neatness of the installation work that was carried out and with minimal mess.

As a person who works with a good, professional approach and attitude and an eye (and an ear) for detail, I can recommend Rehan to anyone / anywhere. Wish we had more like him in the audio and hi-fi industry in Sri Lanka.

Shem Darius
Communications Engineer

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